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French Drain System Installations

Can an interior French Drain System be installed in my basement without a sump pump? Can French Drain piping discharge into my trap/sewer system?

How should water seeping between my foundation walls and floor be repaired? How should water seeping up through cracks in my basement floor be repaired?

How can I stop water from getting under my basements floor/slab?

Do I need to install a French drain around the entire perimeter of my basement if water is seeping between my foundation wall and floor along one wall only?

Do I need to remove the wall or drywall in my basement prior to the installation of a French Drain System?

If a French Drain System is installed along one wall only, will water be push to another section of the basement?

Should my French drain system be installed on the interior (under my basement floor) or on the exterior around the perimeter of my foundation?

Which way should the holes in PVC piping be facing?

Sump Pumps

Do I need a sump pump?

What is a battery backup sump pump and do I need one?

Under what circumstances should a homeowner get a sump-pump for their basement and why?

What are the main options i.e. types of sump pumps homeowners can buy for their basement?

How much do different types of sump pumps cost?

What would you recommend homeowners shopping for a sump pump look for to ensure they have one that will do the job properly?

Any other advice for homeowners considering getting a sump pump for their basement?

Additionally, what else should homeowners be doing to keep their basements dry?


What is a pressure relief system?

What is a water table or high water table?

What causes unpleasant musky odors in a basement?

What recommendations do you have as I am planning to finish my basement to create additional living space?