As an Essential Business, we are open for business: providing waterproofing, foundation and mold remediation services with extra health and safety precautions. This includes the use of additional protective gear and new communication technologies to limit – or eliminate – in-person interaction during your estimate with video inspections.
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Are you worried about the red, slimy ‘mud’ or ‘mold’ that is growing in your basement? You may have something called, iron bacteria, that produces a biofilm capable of damaging your plumbing and appliances. This bacterium is naturally found in soil and can sometimes make its way into the home. It is...

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Holes on PVC piping can face up or down. We find many companies are still installing PVC with the holes in the downward position when installing a French drain system. Also, if you research this subject, you might find most literature states the holes should be facing down. Here is some info to help...

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