As you make plans for your next home improvements, don’t think only of the cosmetic. Consider also practical updates.

Does water pool in your yard or in your basement? If so, French drains can help alleviate the problem and stop secondary issues such as mold and erosion around your home’s foundation.

If you’ve been wondering how to deal with excess water, French drains should be on your short list of options. It isn’t the ideal answer in every situation, but in many cases it can be at least part of the solution.

French Drains for Basement Waterproofing

When designing a plan for basement waterproofing, a French drain is often included. A French drain may be installed along the foundation to form a space that reduces the pressure created by underground water.

Basement waterproofers may also install French drains in the interior by removing some of the concrete, digging a trench and filling it with gravel. A corrugated plastic pipe is also placed in the trench and the concrete flooring replaced.

Depending on your basement and the severity of the issues you’re having, the French drain may take care of the problem or may be one piece of the puzzle required to keep your basement dry and reduce the risk of needing a foundation structural repair in the future.

Trusted Basement Waterproofers

Since 1961, Basement Waterproofing Solutions has helped thousands of homeowners keep their basements dry with our custom basement waterproofing plans. From French drain repair to complex, multi-part waterproofing solutions, our award-winning company has everything you need to protect your home.

We offer three types of French drains:

  • Low-Profile
  • Mid-Grade
  • Premium

Our experienced basement waterproofers will help you decide which is right for your home. No matter which you choose, you’ll enjoy competitive prices and expert installation.

Basement Waterproofing Solutions is a member of the Basement Health Association and has authorized dealer status with Basement Technologies, so you can have total peace of mind that we’re able to properly assess your situation and design an effective solution—and one that is backed by a lifetime warranty.

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