In this post, I would like to address the confusion some have about the structure of Basement Waterproofing Solutions and Mendola Waterproofing. Back in 1961, my dad started pioneering the Mendola Waterproofing company and in 1979 I joined forces with him. We worked this business together until his retirement in the early nineties. I continued running the business for the next ten years. Soon after the events of 9/11, I moved my family to Southern Vermont and adopted a partner to continue running the business. In 2010, I sold Mendola Waterproofing to him with a contractual agreement, all previous customer warranties were to be fulfilled if needed. After ten years in Vermont, being apart from our families began to wear on my wife and I. We relocated back home to New Jersey. In 2012, I started up the newest Basement Waterproofing Solutions company with my sister Barbara and son Sal Jr. We are blessed to have 15 dedicated employees that share in our passion in keeping basements dry. Today Mendola Waterproofing is still in business under a different owner. We are truly sorry for any confusion and hope this answers any questions you might have. 

 Sal Mendola