Quite often, I’m asked, should the holes on PVC piping be facing up or down on an interior French drain. This is a very controversial subject so I hope this post will give you a full understanding. 

Installing Pipes The Correct Way

We find many companies will place the holes in the downward position. This installation method should work well 90% of the time. 90% does not work for me. As you can see in the above picture, if there are minerals or iron ocher in the ground water, the system will clog if the holes are placed down. Placing the holes upward will allow a French drain to last for the life of your home. 
Water can travel through clean gravel almost as fast as it will through a pipe. If there is an extreme amount of water, only clean water will rise and go into the pipe holes. Other companies will use ADS drain piping (black corrugated pipe with small slits around the entire pipe). The small slits clog up with minerals and iron ocher and the system will malfunction within 10 years. PVC pipe holes are about 1/2” and work much better than small slits.

What If The Damage Has Already Been Done?

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