The area in blue next to the foundation wall in the above picture was once a hole around the entire foundation when the foundation was being built. The soil that is used to fill in the hole will never be as compacted as the dirt that is 5 or 10 feet away from the foundation. 
You can't control the whether. Rain water will always travel to the loose packed dirt towards your foundation walls. So it is natural that there is water up against your foundation walls. This water can seep into wall fractures, and small voids, and leaks into the hollow block cavities on a block foundation. I travels through the foundation cracks on a solid cement foundation and through mortar joints on a stone/brick foundation causing it to leak into your basement. 
Additional rain water will saturate the ground and the level of the water in the ground can rise above your basement floor. We call this a water table. Installing exterior surface drains will do little to nothing to help out a water problems in your basement. Interior French drain, also known as a pressure relief system is the most economical cure for these wet basement situations. Walls can be excavated from the exterior and waterproofed but this is very expensive and does not help a high water table situation unless an exterior French drain is installed. Exterior French drains are not as effective as an interior and where to install a sump pump turns into a major problem.

This picture is showing, 2 blocks that were completely deteriorated and others that were partially deteriorated. 

Are Your Foundation Walls Wet But Basement Floor Dry?

When the bottom blocks on your foundation walls are filling up with water, the blocks can deteriorate from the inside out. This hidden problem can lead to a collapsed foundation wall if not repaired. Even if your basement floor is dry, you need a french drain system. A properly installed French drain will drain trapped water in the block cavities and prevent the blocks on your foundation wall from deteriorating.

The above picture is a steel reinforcement repair. carbon fiber is much less noticeable.

Are Your Foundation Walls Bowing?

The longer you wait the more it will bow. Most foundation walls can be repaired with carbon fiber while others will need steel reinforcements or solid cement columns. There is a point in time, you will need a complete wall replacement if not repaired sooner then later. Average repair $4000 to $10,000. Average wall replacement $25,000 to $30,000. 

Concerned About The Condition Of Your Foundation?

Having a strong foundation is so important for the life and longevity of your home. Letting water and moisture sit causes major damage over time. Don't wait until foundation starts deteriorating. If you notice water leaking into your basement or you want to know the condition of your foundation, contact the experts at Basement Waterproofing Systems today.