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Essex County Basement Sealing Company

Since 1961, Basement Waterproofing Solutions has been the go-to Essex County waterproofer, offering comprehensive basement sealing solutions at a fair, honest price. A family-owned business with certification from Basement Technologies, the Basement Health Association, and the IICRC, we’re fully trained for any kind of basement waterproofing need!

Basement Sealing in Essex County

Our family business is now three generations strong, and basement sealing technology is just one of our many proven solutions! Read on for more information on our wide-ranging services that will keep your Essex County home dry, safe, and fresh.

Foundation Crack Repairs

Even hairline cracks in a foundation can be signs of something more serious—or they could be nothing to worry about at all. The only way to tell the difference?

It’s to call on professionals like Basement Waterproofing Solutions! We’ll inspect your foundation, identify the root problem, and complete dependable foundation crack repairs. Because we only work with in-house experts, you can trust the quality you receive.

Foundation Structural Repairs

If your foundation’s cracks are a sign of something more serious, we can also complete foundation structural repairs to almost any home in Essex County:

  • Carbon Fiber Reinforcements
  • I-Beam Supports
  • Masonry Support Buttresses
  • Full or Partial Wall Replacement

These repairs can be costly and disruptive, so you can rest assured that we’ll only recommend them if they’re genuinely necessary for your home. We’re also EPA Lead Safe Certified.

French Drains

If your basement frequently floods, a French drain can help channel the water away, preventing problems with built-up moisture as well as hydrostatic pressure that can cause significant foundation damage. At Basement Waterproofing Solutions, our Essex County French drains are incorporated into a full waterproofing system that’s 100% customized to you!

Foundation Repair

From crack repairs to masonry repairs, you can’t beat the certified foundation repair experts of Basement Waterproofing Solutions. We recognize that a functional foundation is important to your property’s value and safety, and we’re trained on the latest technologies for effective foundation repair.

The bottom line?

We’ll lay the foundation for a safer home, always at an affordable price! We also offer great warranties for long-term peace of mind.

Interior Waterproofing

Basement sealing is just one aspect of our Essex County interior waterproofing systems; we can finish the job with any number of other solutions based on your unique home. Taking into account your home’s size, construction, and ground conditions, we’ll recommend:

Exterior Waterproofing

Because exterior waterproofing is often much more costly than simple interior solutions, you shouldn’t necessarily trust the first company that says you need it. Call Basement Waterproofing Solutions instead! We’ll happily provide a second opinion, with a family-focused approach that respects your budget, time, and property.

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