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Moisture Control

Excess moisture in your home can quickly lead to another problem no homeowner wants: a mold infestation. That’s one of the reasons effective moisture control is so important in your New Jersey or Staten Island home.

It all comes down to humidity.

Homeowners in this area are lucky to enjoy the best of all four seasons, but the downside to weather in the northeast is that it’s often humid. That moisture in the air has to settle somewhere and, without proper moisture control, that somewhere might just be your home.

Basement Waterproofing Solutions offers effective moisture control options that will keep your home and basement dry and prevent all of the problems associated with excess moisture. Since 1961, our family-owned business has been providing award-winning service and building a proven reputation for excellence.

When you need solutions for excess moisture, choose the business that is three generations strong!

Dehumidification Designed to Work in Cooler Temperatures

Store-bought dehumidifiers can’t provide the same results as the units we install. Ours can run in much cooler temperatures and are more effective at providing the reliable dehumidification you need. Plus, we have units specifically designed to work well in basements and crawl spaces, which are the spaces where many local homeowners will often experience a moisture problem.

We provide:

  • Free, accurate estimates.
  • Competitive prices and flexible financing.
  • Work completed by certified professionals.
  • Award-winning customer service.
  • Mold detection and removal services.
  • Lifetime guarantees on every project.

Don’t let the moisture in your home lead to mold or even structural issues. Basement Waterproofing Solutions provides all the services you need to enjoy a drier, healthier home.

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