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Freehold Exterior Basement Waterproofing

No one wants to discover that mold has taken hold in his or her home. It’s one of the most dreaded consequences of failed basement waterproofing and water damage that exists for homeowners. Unfortunately, mold growth does happen—and it’s important to deal with it quickly and efficiently with professional mold removal services from a qualified contractor.

As your number one trusted mold removal company, we are confident in stating that most cases of mold in homes are actually quite simple and easy to resolve. When done with the right Monmouth County mold removal company, there’s no need to be afraid of a costly or complicated process to identify and get rid of the problem, and getting started is as easy as contacting us for a free inspection and pricing estimate.

Basement Waterproofing Systems offers our customers the following no-hassle, high-quality services:

  • Mold Inspections
  • Mold Testing
  • Mold Removal

Exterior Basement Waterproofing in Freehold

The easiest way to prevent the need for mold removal is to utilize exterior basement waterproofing methods in Freehold. Here at Basement Waterproofing Systems, we can help you determine if an exterior solution is the best one for your property.

At Basement Waterproofing Systems, we are more than happy to visit your property and review your unique situation. Our focus is on your education so you can count on receiving the best solution possible for your home.

Mold Cleaning

Mold affects everything from the quality of the air you breathe to the smells present in the home. In some cases, it even affects the health of the people that live on the premises. That’s when it’s time to bring in the professionals to handle your mold cleaning, which is also known as mold removal.

Since 1961, we have been the mold removal company of choice for residents in Monmouth County. We offer a wide range of services designed to ensure that nothing less than perfection is accomplished. These services include:

  • Industrial water extractors
  • HEPA air filtration
  • Professional strength disinfectants
  • Cleaning of all contents within the home

Mold Detection

The secret to staying on top of the mold is with mold detection. This often requires a number of methods to gain a complete picture of the mold situation on the property. These methods include, but are not limited to:

  • Visual inspections
  • Testing for excess moisture
  • Taking air quality samples

You won’t always see the mold, which is why it’s important to bring out the professionals like our experienced mold specialists. No matter how dark and damp the affected area is, we guarantee that we’ll find the mold and get to work in its removal.

Mold Inspections

With us, you’ll get mold inspections that are in-depth with no corner left unchecked. We’ll investigate every nook and cranny to ensure not a single mold spore is left behind. Our mold specialists work to identify the trouble spots as well as identify the best strategy for resolving your mold concerns.

The initial inspection is the most important step in the entire mold remediation process. This inspection is the key to us understanding the extent of the mold infestation and helps us develop an effective action plan. Once we have our action plan in place, it’s a simple matter of proceeding on to mold removal.

Interior Waterproofing

Effective waterproofing solutions begin on the inside, which means finding ways to keep water out of the home and outside where it belongs. In order to do this, you need interior waterproofing solutions that work. Our team is ready to help you with every aspect of your waterproofing efforts.

There are many reasons for interior waterproofing, which include:

  • Excessively humid indoor air.
  • Musty or dank smells in the home.
  • Sewage odors in the yard.
  • And more!

Exterior Waterproofing

Most of the time, waterproofing can be handled with interior solutions. However, some properties in Staten Island and New Jersey require an additional solution. When this occurs, you need professional exterior waterproofing performed by our team at Basement Waterproofing Systems.

It’s true this method is disruptive and potentially costly. That’s why we recommend having one of our specialists come out to identify if exterior waterproofing is right for your property.

Get Started With Your Exterior Basement Waterproofing in Freehold, NJ

We guarantee that the results meet or exceed industry standards in every category for our customers. We don’t cut corners because we take pride in our work—and love that we’re the trusted name for all waterproofing solutions needed.

For more information about our services, call our team to speak with someone over the phone. Or, fill out our online form to request a free, in-home waterproofing estimate to get started today.