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Freehold Foundation Crack Repair

The home is meant to be a sanctuary for homeowners. That’s why so many products and services are available to keep the home functioning and comfortable. However, this comfort is nonexistent when the very foundation is compromised. When this happens you need foundation repair. 

The most common reason for needing foundation crack repair is due to the failure of any basement waterproofing methods present on the premises. As your Monmouth County waterproofer, we know what it takes to clean up the mess, but more importantly, prevent future water damage and cracks in the foundation. For us, our customers are family, which is why we go the extra mile with your foundation repair.

When working with us, our customers benefit from the following: 

  • IICRC Certified Crew
  • Lead-Safe Certified Crew
  • Basement Health Association Member
  • And more!

Foundation Crack Repair in Freehold

There are numerous ways cracks can appear in the foundation of your home. However, not all of them cause issues when it comes to the safety of your home. Some of the most common cracks are categorized as follows:

  • Shrinkage Cracks
  • Settling Cracks
  • Cold Pour Cracks
  • Structural Cracks

The best way to ensure that you really need foundation crack repairs is to have qualified professionals perform an on-site inspection at your home. At Basement Waterproofing Systems, we have taken care of these repairs for approximately 60 years thanks to our proven expertise and customer-centric focus, and provide high-quality inspection services for your peace of mind.

Foundation Structural Repairs

While it's true that sometimes repair work can be handled as a DIY project, most structural damage such as those involving masonry repairs is more complicated. In these cases, it’s absolutely imperative that your home receives an inspection—and perhaps a repair service from a team of trained and qualified professionals like our team here at Basement Waterproofing Systems.

Foundation structural repairs are usually performed when the structural integrity of your home is at risk. Our crew has an outstanding track record for exceptional workmanship and would be more than happy to restore your sense of safety and security with the services you need to protect your home.

French Drains

As time goes on, advances in waterproofing solutions are introduced to the market. Our team has been a pioneer of these changes since 1961 for both interior and exterior systems. In fact, we go a step further by utilizing what is known as French drains to provide the best solutions to our customers.

A French drain is simply a perforated channel designed for water flow. This channel is designed to prevent rainwater buildup and other sources of flooding from occurring. In addition, this also limits the likelihood of hydrostatic pressure. This keeps water seepage and foundation damage from taking place, helping to protect your construction and property.

Foundation Repair

If repairs are needed to correct your foundation and prevent further damage to your property, it’s best not to wait. The longer you wait, what was once a relatively small problem can evolve into something much more serious. When this happens, it could mean irreparable damage to the home’s structure, which means it won’t be functional.

Since 1961, our teams have provided award-winning services that include foundation repair to safely and securely restore the property’s structural integrity and overall safety. Our experience guides us and is the reason why we know what works and what doesn’t for our customers—allowing us to help our customers make the best and most cost-effective decisions for their home investments.

Interior Waterproofing

The best way to keep the water out is to put in systems on the inside of the property. This is because the whole point is to prevent the outside water from coming inside. Plus, this solution is also easy, fast, and generally affordable making it a win-win solution. While interior solutions aren’t the only one, it is an extremely effective one. 

There are many reasons why interior waterproofing might be needed, which include:

  • Pooled or standing water in the basement.
  • Stains on basement walls or floors.
  • Excessively humid indoor air.
  • Leakage and drain issues.

Get Started With Your Foundation Crack Repair Company in Freehold, NJ

Each and every project we take on is guaranteed to meet or exceed industry standards. We refuse to settle for anything less than the best for our customers, a promise that has made us the most trusted waterproofing solution provider in the Monmouth County area. 

To learn more about our foundation crack repair services in Freehold and the surrounding areas, give us a call to speak with someone from our team about your project. Or, if you prefer, fill out our online form to schedule a free, in-home waterproofing solutions estimate today.