As an Essential Business, we are open for business: providing waterproofing, foundation and mold remediation services with extra health and safety precautions. This includes the use of additional protective gear and new communication technologies to limit – or eliminate – in-person interaction during your estimate with video inspections.
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Staten Island Basement Sealing Company

As your Monmouth County waterproofer, we believe that your home should be your sanctuary. When water starts slipping through the walls and flooring, that sanctuary becomes compromised and requires professional attention.

The nature of your problem will determine if you need basement sealing or basement waterproofing, but one thing is always a constant with your Staten Island basement sealing company—and that’s quality. The team at Basement Waterproofing Solutions understands what it takes to prevent future water damage on a long-term basis, and offer low-cost, high-quality solutions for our customers in Staten Island and the surrounding areas.

Basement Sealing in Staten Island

Getting a basement that stays dry throughout the seasons of the year starts with basement sealing in Staten Island. In addition, this sealing leads to fresher indoor air making your living space more enjoyable as well as a breathable. However, proper basement sealing requires a proper sealant.

Here at Basement Waterproofing Solutions, we make sure that our sealing products are not only cost-effective for our customers, but they are also proven to perform. We take the comfort of your home seriously every time and offer completely personalized service plans for our customers based on exactly what they need on a case-by-case basis.

Foundation Crack Repairs

The foundation of the home is often the last thing considered by homeowners until there’s a significant problem. Unfortunately, problems aren’t always noticeable and even the smallest defect or crack can cause problems for homeowners.

The trick is to get professionals out that not only know how to detect problems in the foundation but also are qualified to perform foundation crack repairs. At Basement Waterproofing Systems, we have taken care of these repairs for approximately 60 years thanks to our proven expertise and customer-centric focus.

French Drains

Since 1961, we have been designing and installing waterproofing systems for homeowners. Over the years, we have adapted our designs and best practices to changes in the industry to ensure the best performance possible. One thing that sets our interior and exterior solutions apart is the use of French drains.

A French drain at its most basic is a perforated channel designed for water flow so that rainwater and other sources of flooding are unable to occur. In addition, this also prevents the buildup of hydrostatic pressure, thereby preventing water seepage and foundation damage from happening.

Foundation Repair

No matter what, it’s never a good solution to ignore the need for foundation repairs. The smallest of cracks or defects can compromise your foundation, and deal significant damage to the home. If the foundation is damaged enough, it can actually cause your home to no longer be functional.

Since 1961, our teams have focused on providing award-winning services such as foundation repair to safely and securely restore the property’s structural integrity and overall safety. Our experience guides us and is the reason why we know what works and what doesn’t for our customers.

Interior Waterproofing

The most effective waterproofing begins on the inside of the basement. Interior waterproofing is easier, faster, and more affordable than exterior options. Plus, this is often just as, if not more effective than exterior methods when done by trained professionals such as the ones on our crew.

There are many reasons why interior waterproofing might be needed, which include:

  • Pooled or standing water in the basement.
  • Stains on basement walls or floors.
  • Excessively humid indoor air.

Exterior Waterproofing

It’s true that interior waterproofing is often sufficient protection from water damage for many properties in Staten Island and New Jersey. However, sometimes a little bit more is needed to properly keep the excess water out of the basement. In these situations, you need professional exterior waterproofing handled by our team at Basement Waterproofing Systems.

Keep in mind that exterior waterproofing is often disruptive and can be costly, so take the time to have qualified experts like ours come out to verify if an exterior system is truly the best solution for your home.

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For every project we take on, we guarantee that the results meet or exceed industry standards in every category. We refuse to cut corners because we take pride in our work and love that we’re the trusted name for all waterproofing solutions needed. Call or fill out our online form for a free, in-home waterproofing solutions estimate to get started today.